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All Canadian partners with Lyndwood Tennis Club to offer ACE Tennis top-rated programming

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, December 16, 2021

All Canadian Sports Management (ACSM) has partnered with Lyndwood Tennis Club in Mississauga to offer top-tier tennis programming to juniors and adults in spring 2022. This partnership is a result of the All Canadian Partner Clubs initiative where ACSM partners with local clubs to help their facilities flourish for their members and community, with access to our ACE Tennis services; including our nationally recognized top coaching staff and programming, exceptional customer service, and our community outreach initiatives; allowing tennis clubs to grow the game and grow their community. ACE Tennis, headquartered in Burlington, has been recognized as Canada’s top tennis development Centre for over 20 years. ACE Tennis is the operational programming brand name for ACSM which has been pivotal in developing the game of tennis in Canada for over 40 years. “At Lyndwood Tennis Club, our ultimate goal is to provide our members with high-quality facilities and services. Our partnership with All Canadian allows us to also offer top-rated ACE Tennis programming to our members with lessons, programs and camps available for all ages and levels of play. We expect 2022 to be our best year yet, as we look forward to this new chapter for our club and it’s beloved members.”

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